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Amazon just went POP!! 

06.10.13 0
The Beginning

The new single from John Legend’s upcoming album “Love in the Future”. Check it out!

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Daft Swanson 

03.07.13 0

Daft Punk SNL ad. 16 seconds of pure disco magic!!

03.03.13 5
How Your P*ssy Works from Brian McKnight



Normally straight-laced R&B singer Brian McKnight shocked fans when he put a clip of a very adult song on the Internet. While some were upset, others (including the editors of this blog) thought that it was not only funny, but he sounded better singing a parody about poontang than most singers today that are singing a serious song! To our delight, not only did he finish the song, but he hooked up with the folks at Funny or Die to do a video! The single is available on iTunes now!

05.05.12 8

Coldplay’s tribute to MCA tonight at the Hollywood Bowl.

05.05.12 4

Fun. - We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) [Acoustic]

02.26.12 3

Jay-Z & Kanye West - “Ni**as in Paris” - Crawl before you bawl.

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02.07.12 2

The Naked And Famous - “No Way” 

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